The Eagle Hill

2020-2021 VIRTUAL Speaker Series


All presentations begin at 7 p.m. and will be held on Zoom. RSVP through the form and the link for the presentation will be shared prior to the event. Please contact Cindy Ruiz with any questions.


DR. JEAN TWENGE, Ph.D. - November 5, 2020
iGen: Teaching and Parenting the Smartphone Generation

Jean M. Twenge, Professor of Psychology at San Diego State University, is the author of more than 140 scientific publications and six books, the latest of which is "iGen: Why Today's Super-Connected Kids Are Growing Up Less Rebellious, More Tolerant, Less Happy--and Completely Unprepared for Adulthood." She holds a BA and MA from the University of Chicago and a Ph.D. from the University of Michigan.



DR. DANIEL J. SIEGEL - February 10, 2021
The Power of Showing Up: How Teacher and Parental presence shape who our children become and how their brains get wired

Dr. Siegel is a clinical professor of psychiatry at the UCLA School of Medicine and the founding co-director of the Mindful Awareness Research Center at UCLA. He is also the Executive Director of the Mindsight Institute which focuses on the development of mindsight, and teaches insight, empathy, and integration dividuals to families and communities. Dr. Siegel has published extensively and has five New York Times bestselling books.


CAROLINE MAGUIRE - April 7, 2021
Social Emotional Learning for Children with ADHD

Caroline Maguire, ACCG, PCC, M.Ed. has been a rock for hundreds of families who have children with ADHD. Caroline’s unique way of drawing out the best in her clients has been recognized internationally as she is invited to speak at conferences and schools around the world on topics related to coaching children and young adults with autism, ADD, ADHD, LD, executive function, or social skills deficits. Her dedication, passion, and efforts are a direct result of her own struggles to fit in as a child with ADHD and dyslexia.

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  • Enrolling students grades K–8
  • Total enrollment: 260
  • Head of School: Jim Heus
  • Number of teaching faculty: 75
  • Student to teacher ratio: average of 4:1
  • Founded in 1975
  • Eagle Hill is accredited by the State of Connecticut Department of Education, the Connecticut Association of Independent Schools, and the National Association of Independent Schools
  • The National Association of Special Education Teachers (NASET) has selected Eagle Hill as a School of Excellence nine years in a row.