Imagine a School…

where your child learns the skills to succeed independently and confidently, guided by faculty that cares as much about their success as you do.

Imagine a School…

where your child learns the skills to succeed independently and confidently, guided by faculty that cares as much about their success as you do.

Introducing Our New Head of School, Gretchen Larkin

Gretchen is an experienced, independent school leader with more than 30 years of experience working with students who learn differently.

At Eagle Hill, we’ve been making a difference in the lives of children with language-based learning disabilities for over four decades. Every child has unique strengths, and our team of highly trained teachers take the time to get to know your child inside out. We build on those strengths, support their skills, and help them excel in school and beyond.

Our incredible staff members, including speech and language and psychological services, work alongside our teachers to provide a complete education. We collaborate, sharing expertise, and help ensure every child has the services and support they need to truly thrive at Eagle Hill.

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Welcome to Eagle Hill!

Eagle Hill School offers children who learn differently the opportunity to transform into confident and resilient students empowered with strategies to meet challenges and flourish beyond Eagle Hill.

Academics designed for bright young students who learn differently

Our personalized, highly successful program supports students with learning challenges related to reading, writing, math, attention, and auditory processing.

Our Academic Programs

Faculty devoted to student success

Our faculty is caring, exceptionally well-trained, and teaches to each child’s specific learning challenges.

Our Faculty

Students who grow academically, socially, and emotionally

Our students develop self-confidence, a passion for learning, and the academic and social skills to achieve success in school and in life.

Our Integrated Services

A community that supports our students and families

Our family-oriented community is welcoming, supportive, and united in our school’s mission.

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“ After his first year at Eagle Hill, our son decided to move into the dorm and was there for three years. The dorm was an amazing experience and helped shape him into the young man he is today. We recommend every student to give the dorm a try – it is life changing! ”
Amy & Joe Paola
Eagle Hill Alumni Parent (Class of 2019)
“ Joy and her team at Eagle Hill have done an exceptional job equipping students with invaluable life skills. From navigating roommate dynamics to mastering the art of negotiation and compromise, their seamless adaptation reflects the solid foundation they've received. EHS students arrive at Greenwood well-prepared for the journey toward independence, and as they integrate into our community, they consistently excel and shine. ”
Aria Carter, Director of Admissions
The Greenwood School in Putney, VT
“ The teachers really get to know the students—what they can and can't do—and they make adjustments. And these teachers are so skilled. Sometimes I feel that they go beyond their profession. They're not just educators. I feel like they're magicians. ”
Christina Mitchell
“ When we first came through these doors, a lot of us were nervous and just a little bit unsure what to expect. But, at Eagle Hill it's OK to make mistakes. Our teachers say that it's the only way to learn. They know we learn differently, so they teach differently. ”
Student, Upper School
“ Students who have attended and boarded at the Eagle Hill School find it particularly easy to transition to boarding life at The Gow School. They arrive accustomed to a safe, structured, and individualized approach to residential living that aligns directly with the goals of the academic program. Students often become leaders and role-models in the dormitory and share their past experience with their new to boarding peers. ”
Luke Salerno, Head of Middle School and Past Dorm Parent
The Gow School, South Wales, NY
“ Our learning environment allows us to foster intimate relationships with each student, making possible an important level of trust. Because all of our classes have a small student-teacher ratio, no one hides and everyone is given the attention that he or she needs. There’s a sense that we’re all in this together. ”
Alexandra Connolly
Teacher at Eagle Hill