Start Your Child’s Education on the Right Foot

Our goal in the Admissions Office is to learn more about your child – where their academic strengths and needs are, where they have found success at school, and how our personalized education program can help them progress academically and socially.

The Successful Student

Our individualized learning program is designed for students with:

  • Average to above-average ability as measured by a norm-referenced evaluation such as the WISC or WPPSI
  • A diagnosed, language-based learning difference as the primary learning concern
  • No significant emotional or behavioral concerns that would disrupt the learning environment or interfere with others’ ability to learn.
Ready to apply to Eagle Hill School? Follow our four-step process:

Step 1: Schedule an introductory phone call or visit.Step 1: Schedule an introductory phone call or visit.

We encourage all families to have an initial conversation with a member of the Admissions team, attend an Open House, or join an online Info Session to learn more about our programs. While not required, we feel strongly that these early conversations help families make an informed decision when it comes time to apply.

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Step 2: Complete the online application.Step 2: Complete the online application.

Families who plan to apply for need-based tuition assistance are strongly encouraged to apply before January 15.

The complete application file includes:

  • A neuro-psych evaluation or school district evaluation that includes norm-referenced data for ability (a WISC V with scaled scores or a WPPSI IV) and achievement (e.g. WIAT, Woodcock-Johnson, WRAT) conducted within the past two years
  • Teacher recommendation form(s)
  • School reports (latest school report card and IEP, if applicable)
  • Any specialists’ reports available (e.g. speech and language, therapist, academic tutor, etc.)
  • Recent photo
  • $100 Application Fee
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Step 3: Bring your child for a visit.Step 3: Bring your child for a visit.

If the first two steps reveal that Eagle Hill is a good fit for your child, then it’s time for you and your child to come to campus for a visit. During the visit, your child will attend classes with a student host for the academic day while you meet with the Director of Admissions and Enrollment Management and tour the campus.

Step 4: Admissions DecisionStep 4: Admissions Decision

Eagle Hill accepts applications year-round. Admissions decisions are typically communicated within 30 days of application, and students are enrolled on a space-available basis. Tuition assistance awards (if applicable) will be shared on February 15 for applications received before that date. We are no longer accepting applications for the 2023-24 school year.

Have a Question?

At the Admissions Office, we often find ourselves fielding these frequently asked questions. Join us as we consult with our Admissions Team, faculty, and other staff members to provide you with more insight into the topics that matter most, including:

  • What’s the food like?
  • Is there recess?
  • What’s it like living in the dorm?
  • What if I don’t understand something in class?
  • Is there a dress code?
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