Financial Aid Information & Application

Financial aid applications for the 2022-2023 school year can be made after November 15, 2021.Please be aware that financial aid applications for new students will only be reviewed if the student has already been accepted to Eagle Hill. Please complete your application to the school before submitting a financial aid application.

Eagle Hill School’s financial aid program is strictly a needs-based program. The School employs the services of FAST (Financial Aid for School Tuition), an online financial assistance application program sponsored by Independent School Management, to process all applications. The School uses their services to help determine the dollar amount a family is able to contribute to the cost of their student’s education. Using their figures, we:

  • Take into consideration our total financial aid budget,
  • Assess other information we have collected,
  • Review our school’s policies, and
  • Assess the needs of our all students and applicants applying for financial aid.

Based on this information, we then determine awards of financial aid. It is assumed that all families will contribute to their student’s tuition to some degree.

The Financial Aid process is strictly confidential and is separate from the admissions process. Once a student is admitted, or for students continuing their education at Eagle Hill, the Financial Aid Committee determines whether the School will be able to meet the established needs of the family or consider another amount. Regretfully, the needs of applicants and students qualifying for financial aid often outnumber those whom we can afford to support. Thus, we cannot guarantee funding at any particular level to applicants who qualify, or in the amount of established need.

Please note, additional tuition owed for the Residential Program must be paid in full. Any financial aid given by Eagle Hill School is only applicable to the Academic Program.


Re-enrolling families shall receive priority consideration for financial aid. Their applications are due by December 15 preceding the beginning of the next academic year. However, if a family fails to meet the deadline, the student may not be funded, even if the student received aid the previous year.

All families must apply through FAST and submit the required supporting documentation. In addition, the Financial Aid Committee implements the following principles and practices:

Divorce/Separation – If parents are divorced, the custodial and non-custodial parents are both required to apply for financial aid and submit the required forms. If the custodial parent has remarried, the Committee will consider the assets of the step-parent, keeping in mind the obligations he/she has to his/her children from any prior marriage.

Parents Voluntarily Reducing Income - Financial Aid may be reduced or declined if a parent voluntarily terminates employment, chooses to start a business, returns to school, or changes careers.

Non-Working Parents – If one parent is not working and has children who are in school full time, the Committee may recalculate need using an imputed, minimum income for the non-working parent. This does not apply if a parent is caring for an elderly parent, caring for children not of school age full time, or unable to work.

School Balances – School balances for the current year must be paid before a new application will be considered.

Change in Financial Circumstances – It is assumed that if there is a change in financial circumstances, parents will notify the school and take responsibility for an adjusted amount of tuition.

Financial Aid for Subsequent Years – Awards are made for the current academic year only. All applicants must complete a financial aid application and supporting documentation each year they request aid.

Required Documentation and Deadlines for New Families

Although the Committee accepts financial aid applications from new families on a rolling basis, applications cannot be submitted before December 15. Please note: your student MUST BE accepted to Eagle Hill before an application for financial aid can be considered. 

The earlier you apply the better chances of receiving aid if you qualify. In order to complete your financial aid application, the following must be submitted via FAST:

  1. Financial aid application
  2. 2020 tax returns with all schedules and 1099s (if applicable)
  3. 2021 Tax returns, W2s, and 1099s (when available)


Final awards will not be given until all documentation has been received.

Financial aid decisions are given on a rolling basis. In order to make a financial aid decision in a timely fashion, please submit your materials as soon as possible.

Required Documentation and Deadlines for Returning Families

December 15 - Completed online financial aid application and 2020 tax returns with all schedules are due.

March 15 - Completed 2021 tax returns, W2s, and 1099s are due (if available by March 15. Please submit as soon as possible).


Financial aid decisions are given on a rolling basis. For returning families, our goal is to include a financial aid decision with your re-enrollment agreement, provided that all documentation has been submitted by the deadlines above and that all taxes are verified.

For further assistance, please contact the Financial Aid Committee (

Please note that there is a $48, nonrefundable fee for submitting a Financial Aid Application through FAST.



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