The Successful Student

Our program effectively teaches students who have...

  • Average to above average cognitive ability
  • A language-based learning difference (including, but not limited to, dyslexia, dyscalculia, dysgraphia, auditory processing disorder, executive function disorder, and ADHD)
  • Fallen behind or have academic weakness in the areas of reading, writing, mathematics, and/or attention
  • Expressive/receptive language deficits

Our program cannot effectively teach students with behavioral or emotional challenges that would negatively impact regular classroom activity.


"Vincent arrived at Eagle Hill a tentative, shy, anxious, and self-conscious boy. He was entering grade 5, reading at a grade 1 level. As parents, we left no stone unturned. We tried every tutor, therapy, and program we could find to help our son, but to no avail. We were desperate and then we found Eagle Hill School - it was a beacon of hope!

EHS focused on the “whole child” to meet Vincent's academic, social, and emotional needs. They created attainable goals with Vincent, measured and modified them constantly and taught him real life strategies to help him learn successfully.

Vincent grew leaps and bounds at Eagle Hill School to become his true self. We were supported as a family the entire time he attended. Vincent walked off the EHS campus a confident, vivacious, happy, charming, articulate, compassionate, and successful young man. We are eternally grateful to Eagle Hill's teachers and staff for bringing our son back to life!"

LEXI, '17

"'Life changing' is how we would describe Lexi's four years at Eagle Hill. She started at Eagle Hill as a shy, quiet girl who always sat in the back of the class and was too unsure of herself to ask for help. Fast forward four years later and she has become confident, talkative, outgoing and her own self-advocate. She is on grade level in all her classes.

The small class size and individualized attention at Eagle Hill were the perfect environment for her to spread her wings, and the amazing teachers at EHS helped teach Lexi the way she needed to learn. She is now going to a mainstream, rigorous school. We could not thank Eagle Hill enough for all it did for our daughter."

LUKE, '17

Eagle Hill has changed our lives immeasurably. As educators, we, his parents, knew the struggles he had been facing at school, and that we had hit the jackpot.

With the guidance of his teachers, advisors, and counselor, Luke has learned to manage his workload and to self-advocate better than we could have hoped. Students who understand their own learning profiles have the best chance at directing and benefitting from their educations. Equally importantly, EHS gave Luke a place to flourish in athletic and leadership roles; his assured self-confidence is a testament to both the tireless dedication of the deeply caring EHS staff and the school’s heavily-researched, whole-student approach to instruction.

Our family has been blessed to have been a part of Eagle Hill; we will be forever grateful for the strong, confident, young man Luke has become and for all the places he’ll go from here."