The Successful Student

Our program effectively teaches students who have...

  • Average to above average cognitive ability
  • A language-based learning difference (including, but not limited to, dyslexia, dyscalculia, dysgraphia, auditory processing disorder, executive function disorder, and ADHD)
  • Fallen behind or have academic weakness in the areas of reading, writing, mathematics, and/or attention
  • Expressive/receptive language deficits

Our program cannot effectively teach students with behavioral or emotional challenges that would negatively impact regular classroom activity.

LEILA, Upper School Student

What do you like most about Eagle Hill?

I love Eagle Hill because you have one-on-one time to learn and, in a way, you learn the correct way to learn.

What are some of the ways your teachers help you learn?

Sometimes the work is hard, which helps a lot because we learn from them. They give us one-on-one time during callbacks and during class, and they understand if we need help on something. I really try to nurture my work and do it better every day.

What skills have improved most since you started at Eagle Hill?

Probably math. Math was my hardest subject, and now I'm succeeding in that class. I love my teacher, he's so helpful. Right now we're working on decimels.

What activities have you been involved with at Eagle Hill?

I signed up for cross country to build my endurance, and now I run two or three miles. I play ice hockey too - it's really fun at Eagle Hill because you get to play with all your friends, and help each other build up skills.

HARRY, Lower School Student

What do you like most about Eagle Hill?

At my old school, they didn't really call on me a lot because we had big classes. And I like how they have small classes here and so then everyone gets to ask questions.

What are some of the ways your teachers help you learn?

I've learned to really slow down and it really helps. It helps how teachers come up to me every few minutes and ask "How's it going? Do you need any help?"

What skills have improved most since you started at Eagle Hill?

How I can read really easily now and I can take down details and make those details into expository writing.

What activities have you been involved with at Eagle Hill?

Sports class, flag football, JJV soccer. Flag football is my favorite!

HUGH, Upper School Student

What do you like most about Eagle Hill?

Eagle Hill has good science and education. It's really fun. They don't just tell you to do the problems, teachers make it fun for you. They try to motivate you to do the problem correctly.

What are some of the ways your teachers help you learn?

They help us learn strategies. And they are by your side every inch of the way. They help me a lot.

What skills have improved most since you started at Eagle Hill?

Definitely my fluency in reading and my math. Really all my subjects have had big improvements, and that's good!

What activities have you been involved with at Eagle Hill?

P.E., wrestling, soccer, cross country... I got fourth place for the Brunswick Championship in wrestling this year.

Recent Alumni

Upper School student on dirtbike


"BEST THING EVER. Eagle Hill and the Residential Program changed Tommy’s life, and our lives, for the better! EHS helped Tommy focus in class and make friends. It gave him the tools to feel more confident completing long papers, dealing with stress, and self-advocating. After his first year at Eagle Hill, he decided to move into the dorm and was there for three years. The dorm was an amazing experience and helped shape him into the young man he is today. We recommend every student to give the dorm a try – it is life changing!”


"Tommy had been in private school since he was three years old and received “A”s in his rigorous, mainstream private school - but we suspected something was off.  Tommy was always a happy kid, but when he entered fourth grade things changed. He started to stress about how long it took him to complete his homework and exams, and he struggled socially. We visited EHS and knew that this was the place for him. At Eagle Hill, Tommy learned how to self-advocate, be independent, deal with daily and school stress, and how to make friends. These are all very important life skills that he will carry throughout life. Joy and Brandon Delisle, Warren Nesteruk, and Bridget Donnelly (the incredible Residential Program staff) always knew how to help the students when things went off track and help families deal with any issues.

Thank you EHS and the dorm staff for helping Tommy have the best experience. He is ready to enter Forman with the confidence and life skills needed to succeed!"

Upper School Student Smiling


"Eagle Hill School was a life saver for our son and our family. From the moment we stepped foot on the amazing EHS campus, we felt hope and optimism. Eagle Hill understood Michael’s learning differences and knew how to teach him. Michael was no longer an outsider. He had moved from "survival mode" to "learning mode". Staff, teachers, advisors, dorm personnel, sports coaches all knew Michael and how to help him learn, explore, make friends, and try new things."


"Life had become one big struggle. School was not working. Our son couldn’t learn. There was hurt, shame, chaos before we realized our son Michael had a learning difference and needed to be taught differently. Someone told us about Eagle Hill School. We visited. We saw what a school dedicated to teaching children with learning disabilities could be: positive, inspiring, full of kindness and humanity with a beautiful campus and sports fields.  

EHS turns the LD world upside down, creating a positive environment and opportunities for Michael to reach and excel.

EHS provided the level and type of customized academic support Michael needed, plus language immersion, and socialization opportunities with peers. At Eagle Hill, Michael made real progress in reading, math, writing, language, vocabulary, comprehension. In reading, he gained six grade levels in six years with an individualized tutorial program that was age appropriate and worked. EHS teachers go above and beyond to reach and teach, to make Michael feel heard and important, to slow down or ask in just the right way to make a child feel understood, so Michael felt supported and connected instead of alone and ashamed. EHS saw Michael in a positive light. So we could stop talking about his deficits and start talking about strengths. It truly opened doors and raised expectations of who our child is and what he can achieve.

What did our son learn at EHS? Curiosity. Motivation. Independence. Grit. How to read. Make friends. Join a sports team. Try something new. Happiness."



  • Ages of students: 5-15
  • Total enrollment: 255
  • Head of School: Clay Kaufman
  • Number of Teaching Faculty: 75
  • Number of Boarding Students: Up to 35 (five days/week)
  • Student Teacher Ratios: 1:1 to 12:1
  • Founded in 1975
  • Eagle Hill is accredited by the State of Connecticut Department of Education, the Connecticut Association of Independent Schools, and the National Association of Independent Schools
  • The National Association of Special Education Teachers (NASET) has selected Eagle Hill as a School of Excellence eight years in a row.