The Successful Student

Our program effectively teaches students who have...

  • Average to above average cognitive ability
  • A language-based learning difference (including, but not limited to, dyslexia, dyscalculia, dysgraphia, auditory processing disorder, executive function disorder, and ADHD)
  • Fallen behind or have academic weakness in the areas of reading, writing, mathematics, and/or attention
  • Expressive/receptive language deficits

Our program cannot effectively teach students with behavioral or emotional challenges that would negatively impact regular classroom activity.

LEILA, Upper School Student

HARRY, Lower School Student

HUGH, Upper School Student

Alumni Stories

Upper School student on dirtbike


"BEST THING EVER. Eagle Hill and the Residential Program changed Tommy’s life, and our lives, for the better! EHS helped Tommy focus in class and make friends. It gave him the tools to feel more confident completing long papers, dealing with stress, and self-advocating. After his first year at Eagle Hill, he decided to move into the dorm and was there for three years. The dorm was an amazing experience and helped shape him into the young man he is today. We recommend every student to give the dorm a try – it is life changing!”

Upper School Student Smiling


"Eagle Hill School was a life saver for our son and our family. From the moment we stepped foot on the amazing EHS campus, we felt hope and optimism. Eagle Hill understood Michael’s learning differences and knew how to teach him. Michael was no longer an outsider. He had moved from "survival mode" to "learning mode". Staff, teachers, advisors, dorm personnel, sports coaches all knew Michael and how to help him learn, explore, make friends, and try new things."



  • Enrolling students ages 5-14
  • Total enrollment: 260
  • Head of School: Jim Heus
  • Number of teaching faculty: 75
  • Student to teacher ratio: average of 4:1
  • Founded in 1975
  • The National Association of Special Education Teachers (NASET) has selected Eagle Hill as a School of Excellence ten years in a row.
Accredited by the CT Association of Independent Schools