Complementing the Academic Program

Arts, Athletics, and More

With a focus on educating the whole child and providing a full school experience, art, music, PE, library, athletics, and activities are part of every child's education at Eagle Hill. 

Visual Arts

The Visual Arts Program offers an innovative and challenging curriculum that guides and helps students explore and learn about art and design. The art curriculum follows National Art Education Standards.


Our philosophy at Eagle Hill School is: if children want to play a sport, they play. Our goal is to place students on a team that suits their skills and abilities. In addition to building skill and stamina, team play allows students to develop sportsmanship qualities, a sense of fair play, and enhanced self-esteem.


The Music Program at Eagle Hill stimulates an interest in and appreciation for music. All students emerge from the music class with an enhanced understanding of the elements and styles of musical expression.


Physical and non-physical activities are important to the healthy development of our students. At Eagle Hill, we offer a variety of activities, in addition to athletics, that our students can select from each semester.