Personalized Academics, Exceptional Outcomes.

Our goal is to provide intensive, short-term, remedial instruction to children with learning differences, and return them to the educational mainstream as soon as possible.

At Eagle Hill School, we individualize our education program for each of our students, seamlessly incorporating instruction in listening, speaking, reading, writing, and social skills throughout the day.

While this means we can’t tell you exactly what your child’s academic schedule here will look like, we can tell you what the outcomes will be:

Confidence, understanding, independence - and a newfound love of learning.

Eagle Hill academics are founded in our unique approach.

We provide students with personalized instruction designed to increase listening, speaking, reading, writing, and social skills in an ungraded, non-competitive, goal-oriented setting.

  • Students build a close rapport with their teachers as they begin to strengthen their listening, speaking, reading, writing, and social skills.
  • Students learn skills and strategies to manage their learning differences effectively in school and at home. At the same time, they develop their self-esteem, friendship-building skills, and strong moral and ethical character.
  • Each student is challenged to take risks as they develop new skills and experience unfamiliar activities.

Children leave Eagle Hill School with confidence in their academic abilities, a true belief in their worth, and the strategies necessary to meet the challenges of new school and social settings.

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Your child’s academic program will evolve with their progress.

When your child arrives at Eagle Hill, we will carefully evaluate their academic level and determine the nature of their challenges in order to develop their unique educational program. We will also determine if additional services are needed.

As your child grows and learns, we will evaluate their school division placement.

Eagle Hill does not assign students to specific grade levels. Therefore, decisions about placement in Lower School or Upper School are made based on individual student learning profiles and academic peer group appropriateness.

During your child’s final year, the academic focus will shift to transitioning from Eagle Hill.

Your child’s final year at Eagle Hill will help ensure their successful transition away from Eagle Hill. At this time, your child may be placed in a Language Arts program that provides preparation for return to a mainstream school.


"My son has made more progress in the year and a half he has been at Eagle Hill than I thought would ever be possible. What has been most helpful is that they meet my child exactly where he is and have him stay there until he masters a skill 100%, even if that means they do not move on for a number of weeks. Nothing has been problematic. Eagle Hill has been perfect for my son."

- Current Eagle Hill parent

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