Related Services

At Eagle Hill, related services are not isolated entities; rather, they reflect our school’s goal of promoting an integrated approach to the development of the whole child.

The related services at Eagle Hill include Speech & Language, Motor Training, Counseling, and an occupational therapist who serves as a consultant to teachers. These services are designed to complement the program by addressing student needs that extend beyond the classroom.

Services are provided in several forms:

  • For some students, services are provided in pull-outs, where a child meets with a specialist individually or in a small group session.
  • Other services might be offered in a collaborative setting, where the specialist works in the classroom with teachers and students.
  • Specialists also serve as consultants to teachers in a third form of service delivery.

All related service specialists ensure that their work with children is integrated with the rest of the child’s program by working in close consultation with teachers and advisors. They attend morning meetings about students and Friday afternoon In Service meetings, and communicate informally with teachers, advisors and parents.

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