Eagle Hill School was established in 1975 on property acquired in 1903 by C. W. Post, the cereal magnate, who then built an estate known as the Boulders. The main house was said to have the longest front porch in the history of domestic architecture.


In 1905, C. W. Post’s daughter, Marjorie Merriweather, married Edward Close and the young couple settled on the estate. Mr. and Mrs. Close, their two daughters, and a staff of thirteen occupied the Boulders until 1917 when the main house was severely damaged by fire. In 1921, the property was deeded to the Lanier family for use as Edgewood School. The National Reading Foundation of New York established Haithcox School on the property in 1956, and from 1962 to 1971, Daycroft School occupied the premises.


In 1975, Eagle Hill School was founded on this same site by Dr. James J. A. Cavanaugh, as a residential and day school for children with learning disabilities. The school opened with 17 children, and grew to 38 by the end of just the first year of operation. The original faculty of 12 teachers and administrators came from Eagle Hill School in Hardwick, Massachusetts, where the first of now three schools was started.


Much of the growth and reputation of Eagle Hill-Greenwich can be attributed to the leadership of Dr. Mark Griffin, the founding headmaster, and Rayma Griffin, who held the position of director of admissions and placement, for more than 30 years. Their passion for children with learning disabilities, and their insistence on faculty and administrators who shared their commitment and dedication to excellence, resulted in a school that is now internationally renowned in the field of education. During their 34-year tenure, until their retirement in June 2009, enrollment increased to 250 students, and the number of faculty and staff to more than 100. Under their guidance, the physical environment of the campus changed dramatically. In addition to the original main house and carriage house, which now comprise the Griffin Academic Center, on-campus faculty housing was added, as well as a new gymnasium and science center, library and media facility, and new classroom facilities.


In 2009, the second Head of School, Dr. Marjorie E. Castro, joined the school, and has instituted the Foundations Program for children ages 6-7 who are entering grade one, and the launch of the new Pilot Summer Programs in London, England. Today, the school has become a beacon for parents who seek specialized education for young, bright children with learning disabilities.

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