Eagle Hill Fund

Eagle Hill Fund Mission

The Eagle Hill Fund is annual, community-driven financial support that ensures an individualized, transformative, and interdisciplinary educational experience for every Eagle Hill student.

EH Fund Goals

  • 100% parent participation
  • 100% Board of Trustees, faculty and staff participation

*The budgetary goals of the Eagle Hill Fund vary slightly every year depending on variables in the operating budget.

Our Parents Share

While the focus of the Fund may vary from year to year, it is the School’s mission - to offer children with language-based learning disabilities the opportunity to grow into capable, resourceful students with the self-confidence and character necessary to meet the challenges they will face as life-long learners - that remains the most important factor in determining where the funds are allocated. In addition, the Fund:

  • Enables us to maintain an average of 4:1 student teacher ratio in the classroom;
  • Offers every student the opportunity to be part of a sports team;
  • Supports counseling, speech and language services, all beyond the core classroom experience, and yet integral to a well-rounded education;
  • Allows us to offer a comprehensive roster of experts for the entire EHS community, as well as professional development for our teachers in a rapidly developing field of LD;
  • Grants an Eagle Hill experience for all for all qualified students.

To learn more, contact Linda J. Miller, Development Officer


Your gift of $1000+ is recognized at a special Head of School dinner.

The spirit of philanthropy is a vital component in the current fiscal health and breadth of the Eagle Hill experience, and is an essential part of the school’s annual operating budget.