Elections at Eagle Hill!

On Tuesday, November 8, 2016, Eagle Hill School joined with thousands of other students from kindergarten to college and across all 50 states (plus Puerto Rico, Washington DC, and in American schools around the world), in the 9th quadrennial National Student/Parent Mock Election. And, like the majority of schools hosting mock elections across the country, Eagle Hill School students favored Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump, with 80 votes for Hillary Clinton and 41 for Donald Trump.

At Eagle Hill, voters were greeted by a brightly decorated polling station complete with a blow-up Uncle Sam, and balloons. Upper School students Abigail, Lexie, and Maribelle staffed the polling stations, ensuring that students were "registered" prior to voting. After signing in, their fellow Upper School students in History and Science classes submitted their votes in private polling "booths," and then proudly walked over to the ballot boxes to submit their ballot. After every class period, early results were tallied, and at the end of the polling, the results were sent to the "Electoral College" (based on the number of students in each participating class). Final results were posted on Wednesday, November 9.

While the mock elections were an exciting project for the students, election advisors Mrs. Harkins and Mr. Flood assured us that the process itself was taken very seriously, and that they were on hand to ensure that all rules and policies were followed. "The main point of holding a mock election is to allow the students to experience what voting in an actual election is like, both as a volunteer in the process and as a voter," explains Mr. Flood. "For that reason, we try to structure the election so that it is as realistic to an actual polling site as possible. Understanding how an election works and the importance of voting is what's most important."

For election news that everyone could support, all you had to do was listen to the speeches of Eagle Hill’s candidates for the Upper School Student Council last Friday. Each student was well-prepared, focused on positive changes, and kept their content firmly on their own skills and talents rather than those of their opponents. Their peers in attendance were respectful of the candidates, remaining quiet and attentive while 22 potential Council leaders explained what they would bring to the position, and their ideas for improvements.

Overall, the candidates wished for additional – and healthy – snacks at juice breaks each week, and advocated for a surprising number of new community service projects, including: collecting toys for children in Africa; donation boxes at callbacks; raising money for various catastrophic events, such as Hurricane Matthew; food drives for babies (Mothers for Others); and more. The students also encouraged their peers to remember how fortunate they are to be at a school such as Eagle Hill, where “our teachers never give up on us.” They challenged their fellow candidates to model good behavior for all EHS students, and to share their own talents and skills with those in the younger grades.

As Assistant Head of School Mr. Breakell said at the end of the election speeches, “This is the best set of candidate speeches I’ve heard in years.”

Election Results:

22 students campaigned for the Upper School Student Council.

Elected to the Student Council: Isaac Akrongold, Dylan Antoine, Jeb Bartlett, Noah Grinberg, Alex Nunn, Nicolle Pechman, Vincent Scardino, Lexi Wachen, Max Zimmer

Appointed to the House of Representatives: Lauren Alvarez, Liam Altschul, Charlotte Breede, Tommy Cahill, Robbie Cestari, Fallon Gardner, Alex Golioto, Tess Gordon, Sofia Kedros, Will Laguzza, John Mikhail, Nate Smit, Yehuda Weberman

Ms. Hanrahan and Ms. Fay took their class of students to the polls in Greenwich on Election Day! Students were walked through every step of casting a ballot by one of the workers so they could see the full process of voting in a presidential election.