Our Most-Asked Questions

Why doesn't our tuition cover all school expenses? Why don't you just raise tuition?

Tuition pays for Eagle Hill’s core academic mission. While it is necessary to raise tuition to keep pace with inflation, we are careful to minimize these increases to ensure access to all students that qualify for an Eagle Hill education. If we were to raise tuition to cover the actual cost per student, the academic experience would be compromised for all of our students, regardless of their ability to pay.

Will everyone in the school community know how much my family contributes to the Eagle Hill Fund?

Each year, Eagle Hill provides an Annual Report with a detailed analysis of the previous year along with recognition of those who have supported the Eagle Hill Fund. You have the option of being listed by name in a giving range, or anonymously.

If we can't give generously, should we give at all?

Yes! Recognizing that tuition is a challenge for many families, and everyone’s giving capacity is different, we ask that everyone in the Eagle Hill community give to the best of their ability and to make Eagle Hill a philanthropic priority. Your commitment speaks volumes to prospective families, foundations, corporations and grant makers who determine their interest in supporting our school based on the parent participation rate. Gifts to the Eagle Hill Fund range from $5-$100,000. The average gift from current parents is $1,808. Your contribution to the Eagle Hill Fund sends a strong message about your commitment to Eagle Hill and the education your student is receiving. Last year 100% of the Board of Trustees, faculty and staff gave to the Eagle Hill Fund.

Will I be called at home for solicitations?

The Development Office sends out a variety of solicitations throughout the year: letters, cards, emails, etc. While we make every attempt to connect with our donors in these ways, a peer phone call is often the best way to communicate and help answer any questions about the Eagle Hill Fund and other opportunities for giving. As well, it is a nice way to make a connection, schedule a coffee, or just share experiences. If you prefer not to receive a solicitation call at home, you may make your gift prior to the call period in early November and your name will be removed from the call list.

Will my gift to the Eagle Hill Fund be tax deductible?

Yes, it is fully tax deductible in accordance with the tax laws.