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Earth Day 2018!
Earth Day 2018!

Doing our part to protect the Earth is so important to all of us at Eagle Hill. Students spent today celebrating Earth Day - learning how they can make a difference and what we do at Eagle Hill to do our part!

Throughout our Earth Day celebration, students participated in a host of fun and educational activities! The Critter Caravan was here - students got to meet some adorable (and some, perhaps, not-so-adorable...) animals and learn about them. Speaking of critters - Ms. Sweeney taught students about the kind of wildlife we can find nearby - particularly in the Long Island Sound. All students went to an an assembly all about how our oceans rock. Some students worked picking up trash on the shoreline, while others planted vegetables in our garden.

Although Earth Day only comes once a year, at Eagle Hill we are committed to always doing our part to be green!