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From the Dorm: An Old Building Gets a New Look
From the Dorm: An Old Building Gets a New Look

By Residential Director Joy Delisle

As an 18-year veteran of Eagle Hill School, I have seen many incredible changes and expect to see many more before I "graduate." For example, we've seen 12 faculty houses added to the campus, the student body increase to more than 250, a new Head of School, a new Community Room, and the early stages of bringing a beautiful period building into the 21st century.

The plans for Hardwick House began more than two years ago when the concept for the new Community Room was first introduced. There was talk of a renovated entrance, central air conditioning/heating, new rugs, new rooms, removing old apartments, and creating new ones.

We left in June unsure of what to expect when we returned in August. It was a wonderful surprise to come back at the end of summer and see the new entrance to the dormitory, with the windows and grand staircase still a central feature of the historic building. The new Academic Wing on the second floor now provides a clear demarcation for parents and students between the academic and dorm areas.

With the renovations to the Dorm Manager's office space—a beautiful face-lift and air conditioning—the students now enjoy coming in to hang out, which I strongly encourage. On the same floor, the girls' TV lounge is a lovely new space, with bright lights, new carpeting, and new furniture. The girls are excited to have their space back, but even more, they love not having to compete with the boys for the games or what to watch on TV every evening!

This summer, there are many renovations still on the docket. A dream come true is the installation of central air in each dorm room for those hot, humid late summer and early fall days. It will be terrific to welcome students back to rooms that will have new rugs and furniture as well as new doors. The students returning for next year are very excited at the thought of being the first class to live in a "new" dormitory.

Change is often difficult; however, these changes have not been difficult at all!