Athletic Policies & Information


While Eagle Hill maintains a “no-cuts” policy for our athletic teams, we do maintain an eligibility protocol for participation on a weekly basis. The protocol varies based on whether or not the students are in the Upper School Language Arts (LA) classes. Please click on the following tabs for further information.





  • Eligibility is grade-related and ongoing.
  • Students must maintain a C average or higher in all classes.
  • Students lose eligibility as soon as their grade drops below a C.
  • Students can become eligible immediately upon raising grade to a C or higher.
  • Teachers communicate eligibility issues to advisors immediately, so that coaches can be informed.
  • Advisors then notify the Athletics Office and the students’ parents of those who are and are not participating in a game.



  • Students and advisors are informed by the end of the day on Friday of pending eligibility issues related to academic concerns, and the students are provided with a list of work that needs to be completed and/or made up.
  • Students must submit completed work during Homeroom on the following Monday morning in order to have it reviewed by their teachers.
  • Teachers communicate outcome to advisors, who will then notify the Athletics Office, the coaches, parents, and students of eligibility standing.
  • Students who are ineligible will maintain that status for the entire week of games.



  • Academic eligibility is managed separately from behavioral interventions.
  • Potential athletic ineligibility due to behavioral issues is reserved for extreme situations only, and only after consulting with advisors.

Further Information re: Athletics


At Eagle Hill, athletics is a vibrant part of the academic day. Students find opportunities for athletic play, leadership, and teamwork in a mildly competitive environment. As with all activities and academics at Eagle Hill, the emphasis is placed on having a good time, learning new skills, and showing team spirit and togetherness with their peers.

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Parents are requested to update transportation information on game days, no later than 9 a.m., to: Include location of pick-up, and who will be picking up your EHS athlete.

Student safety and security is paramount in everything we do. To ensure that students have obtained permission to stay for games, and know how they are going to get home, we ask for the following:

  1. Permission to stay for games must be emailed to:
  2. Students in the dorm are not required to obtain permission unless being transported from the game by a parent.
  3. Day students must obtain permission, and parents must submit the transportation arrangement for each game. We will not allow a student to stay for a game or travel to an away game if we have not received permission (exception being sporting events concluded during school hours).
  4. There are two ways the school can be notified of transportation details:

a. You can email permission to When emailing your response, please include your child’s name and whether or not they are participating, identify the sporting event(s), and indicate how they will be getting home.

b. You can phone Billy Gramajo at the school - (203) 622-9240 ext. 616. Please provide the same information as listed above.



Eagle Hill has a Sports Hot Line (203) 629-1408, the same number used for changes in dismissal. Announcements are posted daily on this line, noting games being played and pick-up times. When the weather is inclement and there is a question about whether a game is still on, details on this will be updated throughout the day on the hot line.


Some of the teams may be using a rotation of players for games. When this is the case, details will be noted in emails to parents, and posted in the Friday Announcements.