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The afternoon program is an integral part of the school day. During the last two periods of the day, Monday-Thursday, each student will participate in an activity or sport and also a proctored study hall. Eighth period runs from 2:04-3 p.m. and ninth period runs from 3:03-4 p.m. There are no study halls or activities on Fridays, due to the early dismissal at 12:33 p.m.

Each child is required to enroll in at least one physical activity that meets two days per week unless there is a medical concern that exists. All students age eight and under are required to have physical education (PE) at least twice per week.

There are many different choice combinations for the afternoon activities program. If age eligible, a student may participate on a team sport four days/week. Students who play at the JJV level may play on a team sport either two or four times a week. However, if he/she plays on a team twice a week, then he/she would have either a physical activity or a non-physical activity the other two days. A student may choose to be in two separate physical activities that meet twice a week, or in a physical activity that meets twice a week, and a non-physical activity the other two days.

Parents are requested to update transportation information on game days, no later than 9 a.m., to: Include location of pick-up, and who will be picking up your EHS athlete.



Jeff Leonard, Director of Athletics and Activities