Spotlight On

Alumna and her husband

Rachel Fehr '97

Rachel is a newlywed and a new author - her children's book, Percy the Porcupine's Anxiety, is now available for purchase! Rachel is also a Child Development Specialist at the Jewish Community Center in San Fransisco. 

On creating Percy the Porcupine, Rachel said: "After researching children's books, I found there were none on the topic of testing anxiety, and primarily none for the important age of early elementary. I felt inspired to change that. This story was purposefully made simple with a powerful message for students, their parents, and teachers. I wrote the story with specific examples in mind. The stress, the worry, the lack of self esteem that children feel and do not always express needs to be noticed, acknowledged, accepted, and supported. Ultimately, the goal is for Percy to connect with children, teachers, and parents. The hope is that teachers will notice their student's emotions and address them. I hope they will use Percy as a tool and change the way we cope with anxiety."


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