Our Mission & Core Values


Eagle Hill School offers children who learn differently the opportunity to transform into confident and resilient students empowered with strategies to meet challenges and flourish beyond Eagle Hill.


Core Values and Statements


Eagle Hill embraces students with an array of learning profiles with acceptance and understanding. Our students and their families thrive in an environment where neurodiversity is honored and challenges can be met collaboratively.


Eagle Hill recognizes that connections among faculty, students, and families form the bedrock of a joyful and enduring education. United in purpose, members of our school community contribute to a vibrant environment where all may grow, draw support, and find fellowship.


Eagle Hill teaches students how to meet challenges with grit. We cultivate curiosity for what is daunting and equip students with strategies and mindsets to solve problems. As students increase their capacity to persevere, they learn to value mistakes as stepping stones.


Eagle Hill allows students to view themselves in a context larger than their learning difference. In remediating their learning challenges, students also learn to scale perceived limits, adopt new strategies, and self-advocate. Above all, they take pride in their distinctive learning profiles, knowing there are no bounds to what they can achieve.

Whole Child Approach

Eagle Hill believes the most impactful learning takes place when students are taught holistically, with cognitive development taking place in tandem with social-emotional growth. We blend academics with interpersonal skill-building and self-awareness. We individualize our approach for each child, addressing multiple facets of development so that students may access their fullest potential.




  • Enrolling students ages 5-14
  • Total enrollment: 260
  • Head of School: Jim Heus
  • Number of teaching faculty: 75
  • Student to teacher ratio: average of 4:1
  • Founded in 1975
  • The National Association of Special Education Teachers (NASET) has selected Eagle Hill as a School of Excellence ten years in a row.
Accredited by the CT Association of Independent Schools