Marjorie E. Castro, B.S., M.A., Ed.D

Head of School

Robert M. Breakell, B.A., M.A.

Assistant Head of School

David Blank: Dir. of Psychological Services

Brian Dayton: Co-Dir., Admissions & Placement

Tom Lasley: Dir. of Finance

Wendy G. Salisbury: Upper School Division Head

Shari Bloomer: Lower School Division Head

Joy Delisle: Dir. of Residential Program

Julien Laveyssieres: Dir. of Technology

Tom Cone: Co-Dir., Admissions & Placement

Lisa Ferraro: Dir. of Development & Marketing

Jeff Leonard: Dir. of Athletics & Activities

Upper School Advisory Team

Contact the Upper School Advisory Team at:

Margie Alley, Social Worker

Jenn Harkins, Educational Advisor

Wendy Salisbury, Upper School Division Head, Educational Advisor

David Blank, Director of Psychological Services

Barbara McHale, Educational Advisor

Gail Gaiser, Speech-Language Pathologist

Julie Rosenberg, Speech-Language Pathologist

Lower School Advisory Team

Contact the Lower School Advisory Team at:

Shari Bloomer, Lower School Division Head, Educational Advisor

Liza Jarombek, Educational Advisor

Kathy Quinn, Educational Advisor

Aimee Byrne,                            Speech-Language Pathologist

Holly Moniz, Psychological Services

Rebecca Ross, Psychological Services

Micole Horowitz, Psychological Services

Lauren Polinsky, Speech-Language Pathologist



  • Ages of students: 5-15
  • Total enrollment: 255
  • Head of School: Dr. Marjorie E. Castro
  • Number of Teaching Faculty: 75
  • Number of Boarding Students: Up to 35 (five days/week)
  • Student Teacher Ratios: 1:1 to 12:1
  • Founded in 1975
  • Eagle Hill is accredited by the State of Connecticut Department of Education
  • The National Association of Special Education Teachers (NASET) has selected Eagle Hill as a School of Excellence eight years in a row.


  • Sonja Bartlett
  • Patrick Brogan '87
  • Joe Burton '90
  • Lisa Eatroff
  • Dana Fields
  • Amy Jo Frischling, Vice Chair
  • Jeremy Henderson, Co-Chair
  • Patsy Howard
  • Clifford Lanier
  • Derrel Mason, Esq.
  • Lisa Miller
  • Patricia Murphy Co-Chair
  • Chance Patterson
  • David Portny
  • Kathleen Doody Redmond, Secretary
  • Sonia Sandhu, MD
  • Drew Saunders '88
  • Lydia Soifer, Ph.D.
  • Kelly Thompson
  • Molly Van Wagenen
  • Roxanne Vanderbilt
  • Joe Zimmel, Treasurer

Faculty and Staff Directory

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