London Summer Programme

AGES 6 - 16, SUMMER 2018

This programme is offered in two individual sessions, each two weeks in length. Students can attend either one or both of these sessions. Opting to stay for a second two-week session is not a repeat of the previous session; instead, it is an opportunity to further advance skills.

Please note: This programme has the greatest positive impact when a child attends both two-week sessions.

The programme will be located at 25 Bulwer Street, Shephard's Bush, London UK W12 8AR

Contact Program Director Tom Cone for further information.

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At the heart of this skills-based programme is an intense schedule of academic instruction based on assessed needs. In order to place students in appropriate groups according to their skills, we have a discussion with parents and ask to see supporting documents and school work. We then ask students to complete a brief pre-programme assessment of their skills.

Each session will include four classes per day for two weeks.

  • English Comprehension
  • English Writing
  • Maths
  • Test and Exam-Taking Strategies

Classes will include a combination of direct instruction, cooperative group work, and individualised one-on-one instruction. This highly successful programme is beneficial for students with a full range of academic abilities, from those who require more targeted skills instruction to high-achieving students who need some academic fine-tuning. Students are grouped by age and skill, determined by pre-assessments. At the end of each session, teachers provide parents with a detailed report of their child's progress in each subject area, and include further details during a personal conference.


English Comprehension

Emphasis is placed on the development of reading skills. In addition, instruction will focus on reading comprehension, spelling, vocabulary, and additional skills (e.g., study and organization skills).

English Writing

Emphasis is placed upon developing and enhancing written expression through a variety of graphic organizers and technology-based activities. Depending on student levels, focus will b on sentence and paragraph structure. Higher-level classes will include instruction on multi-paragraph essays using a process-oriented approach.


A variety of computational skills will be taught to meet each child's individual needs, using a variety of manipulatives and materials. In addition, practical applications of mastered skills will also be emphasised.

Test & Exam Taking Strategies

Students will learn and practice a variety of study techniques to better prepare for exams.

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