The mission of the Technology Department at Eagle Hill is to continue to foster a technology program that provides teachers with ‘cutting edge’ technology, professional development and support. Merging classroom curriculum and technology has provided faculty with the enhanced tools required to address different learning styles within their classrooms.


The Technology Department serves as a technical support group, a provider of assistive technology, and as collaborators with the various educational departments within the school. Responsibilities range from the maintenance and repair of computers, LCD projectors, and interactive whiteboards, to assisting faculty members as they integrate technology into their lessons, and supporting students as they use technology with their class work.

Technology at Eagle Hill

The combination of directed instruction and technology has proven to be a powerful tool for both students and faculty at Eagle Hill.

Technology has been clearly shown to enhance both the initial learning of subject matter and retention of content information over time. With the advent of assistive technology, we can now find innovative ways to help our students learn to read and process information.

Computer use in the classroom is meant to supplement, not replace, direct remedial instruction. Teachers are facilitators who utilize new instructional methods and strategies made possible through the use of technology. To be effective, the curriculum must drive the technology program, not vice versa. Students learn the basic skills necessary to use computers independently by participating in project-based learning in their classes.

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