We're more than just a library!

According to the American Library Association,

"more than 60 education and library research studies have produced clear evidence that school library programs staffed by qualified school librarians have a positive impact on student academic achievement. School library programs foster critical thinking, providing students with the skills they need to analyze, form, and communicate ideas in compelling ways."

At Eagle Hill School, Librarian Ann Chase has created an atmosphere that is conducive to learning and exploration. Couches are intermingled with chairs and tables. A large fish tank hums quietly in one corner, while students discover the latest learning software on computers at the other end of the room. The librarian collaborates closely with teachers to help our students:

  • become information literate
  • to locate, evaluate and use information to fill assignments
  • to solve problems, and to satisfy their curiosity
  • to find books they like to read (many of our students come to us convinced that they can't –or don't like to–read, so we gently challenge those ideas and encourage them to try new things)
  • to become ethical, lifelong learners who are curious, open-minded and respectful of the choices of others by choosing books that reflect a diversity of cultures, races, classes, backgrounds and interests.


The librarian also supports teachers and their research requirements, as well as instructional and informational reading/viewing needs. Teachers and students know it is their LMC and the librarian actively seeks suggestions so the collection remains current and topical.

In the Faculty Lounge, a collection of professional books and periodicals are available for faculty use, as well as a lending library ( honor system) of books on special needs for our parents to borrow.

"F.A.T. CITY VIDEO: One particularly popular rental from the main Library is "How Difficult Can This Be? The F.A.T. City Workshop" video, an extraordinary look at learning disabilities from a child's perspective. To learn more, or to suggest new materials, email Librarian Ann Chase-Karel.

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