So Many Paths to Success...




"Eagle Hill literally saved my child–removed her from an environment that left her gasping for breath and created a place where she felt confident and supported enough to take risks and accept challenges.

Within a few short months she went from a child who demonstrated symptoms of severe anxiety to a child who had friends, liked her teachers and advisor and wanted to go to school. To be clear, Eagle Hill is not easy. They expect a great deal from their students, but importantly, they provide them with the tools and strategies and confidence to meet those expectations, and, so importantly, to feel successful. As a family, as a parent, the Eagle Hill community provided us with a place where our struggles and concerns were understood, and where we were able to understood the struggles and concerns of others: a community in the truest sense. The best conversation I had with my daughter a few short months after starting at Eagle Hill was when I asked her what she wanted for Christmas: She responded, “Mom – the only present I want is to be able to go to Eagle Hill next year.” A long way for child who had spent much of second grade hiding under her desk."


"For our child, Eagle Hill was a life raft. Once we found Eagle Hill, it was clearly the perfect place for him. The teachers at Eagle Hill respected and understood Oliver for who he was as a learner. Year by year we watched Oliver blossom into a more confident young man who understands his learning needs and is driven to be successful. The relief we felt knowing Eagle Hill had Oliver’s best interests at heart every day, knowing when to hold back and when to push him to achieve a higher level, making him feel secure and amazing about his accomplishments, is beyond words. Eagle Hill helped create who he is today–a secure self-advocating young man who enjoys school and learning."


"It is amazing to see how far Alyssa has come in a relatively short time. We were so proud of her reflection and speech shown at the ceremony on Sunday. Below is the letter she wrote, all on her own back in 2013 after her visit for the day to EHS. Thank you to all the faculty for helping Alyssa become who she is today."

"I really want to go to Eagle Hill. It's a beautiful place where I belong. I fit in a lot. There are really nice kids too. And really nice teachers too. They all understand kids and their types of learning."

Eamonn & Connor - 2016 Upper School Graduates

"For our children, Eagle Hill was the pixie dust that helped them fly again. Two eager and curious young learners arrived at Eagle Hill already having had their educational wings clipped by a school system that did not understand their learning styles and marginalized them as students. They had come to equate school with something that was to be avoided at all cost; however, they quickly found themselves surrounded by dedicated and patient faculty who saw their potential and their strengths instead of their weaknesses. They made them love learning again. Just as important, they gave them the gift of faith in themselves. Today, Connor and Eamonn are fortified with the strategies and skills they acquired at Eagle Hill, are eager to face the challenges of high school, and are confident self-advocates. We all feel blessed to be part of the Eagle Hill family. "

Rhys - 2016 Lower School Graduate

"The individualized program that EHS created for our son helped him to become the confident young man he is today. He was struggling with reading and had difficulty staying focused. At the end of his first year, he was reading at grade level! Wow! His teachers, the school’s philosophy, and his individualized curriculum made all the difference!

Eagle Hill School really changed all of our lives, not just our son’s. He was frustrated because he could not express himself well and because he felt different around other “typical” children. Because of EHS he is a confident, expressive young man that enjoys his friends, reading and acting. Eagle Hill School made all the difference. We love EHS and are forever grateful to them!"


“For our child, Eagle Hill was a game changer! Travis’s ability to understand which strategies work best for him and his willingness to advocate for himself were not only insightful skills he learned there but essential for his future success. With Eagle Hill’s individualized curriculum and small class sizes, he was no longer able to fly under the radar! We have full confidence in his ability to move on to high school and, more importantly, so does he!”

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