Language Immersion Program

The curriculum at Eagle Hill School is designed to provide intensive, individualized academic and language remediation to children with language-based learning disabilities.

Multisensory instructional approaches are used across the curriculum. In each class, elements of language are directly instructed. Teachers are trained to help increase students’ listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills–a total language development curriculum throughout the day. In all classes and activities, teachers provide students with pragmatic language and social problem-solving skills training, using strategies that have been developed to work in our program with our students. Because of the small class size, teachers have the ability to individualize their instruction for the students in their classes, which allows for intensive language remediation tailored for each student throughout the day.

Given this program structure, we have found that many students who received several sessions of speech and language therapy in public school settings do not require the same level of service delivery.

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